Casualty First Fees

Casualty First offers a range of treatments including vaccinations, sexual health screening and minor procedures. A full list of our treatment options as well as their prices can be seen below.

Our Fees


Doctors Consultation  £100
Follow Up Within 48 Hours Free Of Charge



ECG £60
Ear Syringing*  £60
Blood Pressure Check* £20
Blood Glucose* £20
Removal Of Sutures* £30 Pending Assessment



Comprehensive Blood Test £100
Urine Dipstix £10
X-Rays From £92



Consultation For Vaccine £30
Typhoid £30
Typhoid / Hepatitis A £70
Hepatitis A £55
Hepatitis B £45
Yellow Fever £55
Mantoux £50
BCG £50
Meningitis ACWY £60
Meningitis B £126
Rabies £55
Varicella £60
Pneumovax £40
MMR £20
Diptheria, Tetanus, Polio £40
Gardasil £110
Winter Flu Jab £13

For vaccinations there is a £30 consultation charge for advice only, or in addition to the vaccine.

Sexual Health Screen

Basic £150
Comprehensive £239



Plaster casts, splints, back slabs From £30
Suturing, glue, steristrips From £20
Dressings From £20


*available without consultation